The Future of Business Intelligence is Open Source

  • Keep up with the pace of innovation in the data ecosystem
  • Give power to users who wanted to satisfy their more advanced use cases

Headaches with Tableau

Benefits of Open Source

  • the power to customize, extend and integrate
  • the power of the community
  • avoid vendor lock-in

Extend, customize and integrate

The power of the community

  • rich and up-to-date documentation
  • example use cases and testimonials, often in the form of blog posts
  • bug reports and bug fixes, contributing to stability and quality
  • ever-growing knowledge bases and FAQs in places like GitHub issues and StackOverflow
  • how-to videos and conference talks on Youtube
  • a real time support network of enthusiasts and experts on Slack
  • dynamic mailing lists where core contributors propose and debate over complex issues
  • feedback loops, ways to propose features and influence roadmaps

Avoid lock-in

  • Tableau was acquired by Salesforce
  • Looker was acquired by Google Cloud
  • Periscope was acquired by Sisense
  • Zoomdata was acquired by Logi Analytics
  • Select and migrate to another service provider in the space: most likely Astronomer or Google Cloud Composer
  • Hire or consult: find Airflow talent that can help you take control. The community has fostered a large number of professionals who know and love Airflow and can help your organization
  • Learn and act: take control and tap into the amazing resources provided by the community to run the software on your own (Docker, Helm, k8s operator, …)

To conclude

  • Reached the major milestone of 1.0 (2021), which represents the project and product reaching adulthood and being fully ready to compete in the BI marketplace. Superset is ready for mass adoption.
  • Has grown to become one of the most popular open source project, and asserted itself as the most popular open source BI platform by miles
  • Has been adopted by thousands of organizations of all shapes and sizes, some of whom have self-identified here
  • Is accelerating while benefiting from network effects unique to massively successful open source projects
  • Graduated as a top-level project at the Apache Software Foundation (2020), which provides a clear and proven governance model for the project that guarantees a certain maturity



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Maxime Beauchemin

Maxime Beauchemin

Founder and CEO at Preset, creator of Apache Superset and Apache Airflow